Dear Devotees, we are trying to make this site a venture to communicate with you. Your sugessions will be our inspiration. Feel free to contact us
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|| Shreerama Samarth ||

Dear Devotees,

In the beginning here are some words of advice given by Sadguru Shri Bhrahmachaitanya Godawalekar Maharaj.

At present if we just look at any individual human being, we notice that each and everyone is running after something. Each person must have some or the other ‘Aim’ or ‘Ambition’ in life. But it appears that no person is scared of doing anything to achieve his aim. However, while doing all these things we never notice his physical, mental and economic fatigue. In case of failure in his work, just no words to express. Such a person never deters to use any unwanted wrong ways. Naturally his decided goal goes far away and he is demoralized. After sometime this person is famished because of failure.

Regarding this, The Shree Maharaj has suggested a remedy. It is “NAMASMARAN”. It is ‘SHREERAMA JAYARAMA JAYA JAYA RAM’. You see, just remember the words mentally. Don’t utter the words. See you will experience peace of mind. This treasure is mentioned since the creation of the world. In this “Kaliyug” no human being will stop himself from destroying others. Life is valueless. This is written a crore of years before. The remedies in relation to this are written in ‘Srimad bhagavadgeeta’. In Kaliyug this is the only aim that will be achieved through “NAMASMARAN”.

Today, because of population explosion everyone is facing the problem of accommodation. Because of that ‘Sadguru Shree Brahmachaitanya Godawalekar Maharaj Charitable Trust’ has taken the leadership in creating a monument (MATH) at Kasegaon in Pandharpur which is known as pandhari of Maharashtra . This Math is officially registered as Sadguru Shree Bhrahmachaitanya Godawalekar Maharaj Charitable Trust. The number of registration is E-731. This has Income tax concession too.

Respected Shree Pradeep Bhrahmachaitanya Ramdasi Stay here and he is very positively thinking regarding the expansion and development of the math.

Yours Faithfully,
Shrikant Durugkar
(Trustee & Secretary)

Polite Appeal

We need to have manpower for the completed projects as well as lumpsome amount of funds therefore we request to those desirous devotees should generously extend their help. We have the 80G concession for the donation. Your valuable donations will be accepted by Cheque/Demand Draft/MO pay in order Trustee, Shree Sadguru Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj Charitable Trust Payable at Pandharpur.

Completed Projects

  • A Meditation Hall for the devotees.
  • Residential Complex for devotees.
  • Dining Hall.

Ongoing Projects

    NameEstimated Budget
  • A shed for cows.10 Lakhs approx.
  • Ved Sanskrit Pathshala.10 Lakhs approx.
  • Construction for the free medicine and treatment for poor.10 Lakhs approx.